Bas-Sheve  Yiddish opera

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Alan Bern:

Artistic Director, Yiddish Summer Weimar

Anna Grochocka:

Orchestra Management, Poland, France, Germany

Marthe Desrosières:

Orchestra Management, France

Hanna Ochner:

Supertitles, Weimar

Agnieszka Zachariewicz:

Supertitles, Łódź

Reyze Turner:

Yiddish Coach, Paris

Laura Rosenberg:

Conducting Coach, Berkeley

Eyal Davidovitch:

Film Editing & Design

Joshua Horowitz:

Project Co-director, Composer & Orchestrator

Not pictured: Frank Neis:

Audio Recording & Mixing

Alexei Rozov:

Auxilliary Camera

Andreas Schmitges:

Project coordinator and Producer

Michael Wex:


Marius Böttcher:


Dr. Diana Matut:

Project Co-director, Yiddish Language and Choir Coach

Our sincerest Thanks...